Josee Negrete

Josee has served the dental community for over two decades.

Her dental career was launched in 1998 as a dental assistant and worked various positions to management in 2004.

Her passion for dentistry resides with her involvement through the life-changing journey each patient undertakes.

Changing one smile, one life at a time by assisting every patient overcome their barriers.

A true believer that anything is possible.

Josee is currently working on her fellowship with the American Association of Dental Office Managers.

If you wonder where her accent comes from.

Josee pronounced (Jo-say) was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, where French is the native language spoken and has lived in the US since 1998.

Outside work, Josee plays in a coed soccer league. “Pushing the grown-up boys around” is my favorite part, says Josee.

She enjoys the outdoors, fishing and camping with her husband and two daughters.