Alexandra Prado

Hello my name is Alexandra Prado and I have worked in the dental profession for nine years. Throughout my career, I have held many titles, such as receptionist, dental benefit coordinator, and different managerial positions. During my career in the dental industry, I’ve developed a passion to help patients obtain the type of healthy and beautiful smile they want and love. My job has given me a sense of fulfillment. I do my absolute best to offer our patients support throughout their dental journey by assisting them throughout their benefits process. Working as a benefits coordinator allows me to assist our patients with the crucial financial process and help navigate significant paper work which will lead to a smooth experience with their dental journey. My aspiration will hopefully lead to long and productive relationships not only with patients, but with my co-workers as well.

Outside of work all my time is spent raising my three beautiful children, whom I love very much and who make me appreciate each and every day.