Are Dental Implant Permanent? Can It Be Removed?

Dental implants are inserted into the bone of the jaw where they act as a replacement tooth root. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, dental implants do not address the missing crown, but rather provide a solid and reliable base for your dental restorations. Because they are secured by bone, dental implants have the potential of lasting for a lifetime, but much of this depends on the care you take of your implants after they have been placed.

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Osseointegration Process

Dental implants have multiple microscopic holes on their surface. These holes provide a foothold for osteoblasts and connective tissue, allowing for complete integration of the implant into your jaw. This process is known as osseointegration and it offers one of the most impressive benefits of dental implants: the replacement of a missing tooth root.

When a root is missing, the body will eventually absorb the minerals around the socket for use elsewhere. This causes the jaw to shrink and collapse, and is an unavoidable consequence of tooth loss. Dental implants alone address this problem, allowing them to preserve the structure of your face while holding your restoration firmly in place.

Dental bridges and dentures will need to be adjusted over time to conform to the new shape your jaw takes as it shrinks. Dental implants need never be adjusted because they prevent shrinkage from occurring in the first place. But this process cannot happen without your help.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

In order for the process of osseointegration to take place, you need to keep your implant and the surrounding tissue free of disease and decay. This requires a complete commitment to maintaining a strong daily routine complete with brushing after every meal and snack, and flossing both morning and night. When helpful, our Ventura Implant Dentist Dr. Jivraj may suggest something to help strengthen adjacent teeth as well. This is entirely dependent on your needs and is best determined during your implant dentistry consultation.

Can Dental Implants be Removed?

Dental implants serve as a base for dental restorations such as porcelain crowns, implant supported dentures, or a dental bridge. Implants also act as a replacement tooth root, allowing them to help prevent structural changes to the jaw. Unique among tooth replacement options, dental implants are designed to stay firmly in place and constructed to prevent their coming loose or falling out. However, just like your natural teeth – which are also secured into jawbone by roots – implants can be carefully extracted when needed.

Why Remove a Dental Implant?

The most common reason for implant removal is dental implant failure. This typically occurs during the healing process and may show symptoms such as significant pain around the implant site, swelling, the presence of infection, or failure to heal. These issues are rare and can often be avoided entirely by carefully following all of the pre and postoperative instructions provided by our Oxnard Implant Dentist Dr. Jivraj. During your time in our care, we will work directly with you to help minimize risks and improve your chances of a successful implant procedure.

Dental implants may need to be removed after they have healed if they were placed incorrectly or if they stand in the way of a more comprehensive smile makeover. As treatment needs change, dental implants can be removed and replaced to accommodate new restorations. This is, however, fairly unusual. Under most circumstances, Dr. Jivraj will work around existing restorations to reduce the amount of time you need to spend addressing cosmetic and functional issues with your smile.

Because we use a quality dental implant, the need to remove those we place is incredibly rare. Less rare, though still uncommon, is the need to extract implants that are of poor quality or were improperly placed by other dentists.

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